Pop Secret

52X13 ’

Mia, Kali and Loli, three preteens as unruly as they are ingenious, comprise the most popular group in the galaxy, Pop Secret… But their adoring fans have no idea that the rhinestones and sequins conceal a formidable trio of secret agents… Triumphant tours, video shoots, fierce battles to save the planet, loyal friendships and hair pulling… Welcome to the world of Pop Secret!

Author : Anne-Caroline Pandolfo et Isabelle Simler
Format : 52X13’
Production date : 2007
Broadcaster : M6
Producers : 2 Minutes / Futurikon
Directors : Anne-Caroline Pandolfo, Isabelle Simler
Category : TV series
Technical specifications : Mixed and 2D
Audience : Kids

Logo Pop secret - dessin animée - Décors, animation, compositing par 2 minutes
Pop secret - Dessin animée diffusé sur M6 - Co production 2 minutes