Banja, a brilliant young musician, finds himself being held captive, along with some other musicians, on Hitland Island after breaking his contract with his record company. The only way to get off the island is to agree to carry on composing hits for the powerful record label. But Banja isn’t giving in, and is determined to escape from the island, no matter how many times he gets caught by the guards…

Author : Sébastien Kochman
Format : 26X26′
Production date : 2004
Broadcaster : Canal +
Producers : 2 Minutes / Maybe Movies / Art’Mell / IP4U / Netgiant
Director : Eric berthier
Category : TV series
Technical specifications : 2D
Audience : Teens

Logo Banja - Dessin animée 2D - Diffuseur CANAL + - 2 minutes
Banja - Dessin animée 2D - Co production 2 minutes