Invisible Man


Alan Crystal is a brilliant teenager destined to become a great scientist, until an experiment goes wrong and turns him invisible. From then on, he leads a double life. The teenager in him has to manage his friendships and his love life, while the superhero bravely fights the criminals.

Authors : Thomas Barichella, Cyril Tysz, Claire Espagno, Sean Roche, Guillaume Enard, Régis Jaulin, Hervé Benedetti
Format : 26×26′
Production date : 2006
Broadcasters : Rai 2 / Rai Gulp / M6/ Antena 3 Clan
Producers : Moonscoop / bRb / Screen 21/ RAI Fiction / SMEC
Director : Toni Garcia
Category : TV series
Technical specifications : 2D
Audience : Kids

Logo invisible man - Série animée 2D - Décors, compositing par 2 minutes
Invisible man - dessin animée 2D - Décors, compositing par 2 minutes studio d animation