Magic Lilibug


Lilibug is a little fairy ladybird. When she lands on someone’s nose, it is to grant a wish. But Lililbug has a knack of landing on the noses of individuals whose wishes are impossible to fulfil: on one occasion, it’s a lonely bear who wants a friend; Another time it’s a donkey who wants to learn how to read, or a lion prince who demands to be loved by an unsuspecting young giraffe…

Authors : Dider Lévy, Benjamin Chaud from the comic strip by Dider Lévy & Benjamin Chaud
Format : 78×7′
Production date : 2009
Broadcaster : TF1
Producers : Les Armateurs / Sony Pictures H. Ent. / Maybe Movie
Director : Jean-Christophe Roger
Category : TV series
Technical specifications : 2D
Audience : Kids