Magic Planet


“Can’t you tell me why crocodiles swallow stones?” To stimulate their creative spirit, Grandfather Arthémus asks his grandchildren, Lea, Lucas and Zark trick questions about animals. It’s by travelling around the world thanks to Magic-Planet, a magnificent globe of their grandfather’s own invention, that the three children the answers.

Authors : Thibaut Chatel, Jacqueline Monsigny, Frank Bertrand
Format : 52×12′
Production date : 2009
Broadcaster : Gebeka Films
Producers : 2 Minutes / Label Anim
Directors : Valérie Dabos, Thibaut Chatel
Category : TV series
Technical specifications : 2D
Audience : Kids

Logo Magic_Planet - Dessin animée 2D - Studio animation 2 minutes
Magic planet - Dessin animée 2D - Co production 2 minutes