26X7 ’ (saison 1) / 52X7’ (saison 2)

Life’s not always easy when you’re 8 years old, with a head like a football, big glasses and red hair. This, Raymond knows better than anyone. However, he never gives up. With his faithful friends Yvon and Marcello, Raymond is bubbling over with ideas to make his life easier… although it’s true they usually don’t work. They even make things worse. But it doesn’t matter: whether he wants it to or not, for some reason the situation always ends up turning in his favour.

Author : Romain Gadiou
Format : 26X7 ’ (saison 1) / 52X7’ (saison 2)
Production date : 2007 – 2009
Broadcasters : Gulli / Canal +
Producers : 2 Minutes / Everybody on deck
Directors : Romain Gadiou, Stéphane Lezoray
Category : Série TV
Technical specifications : 2D
Audience : Kids

Raymond - Dessin animée pour enfants - Co production 2 minutes
Raymond - Série TV pour enfant - Studio animation 2 minutes