Bananimals !


A bunch of animalseach more humanthan the last !
Whenever the Bananimals have a problem, they go to see Gordon, whetherthey’retooshy, stressed out, self-conscious, bad-tempered, total cowards, or ravinglunatics!
Assisted by Shell and Down, the twinchick ninjas of snarkyremarks, Gordon the bull doctorwillfind original solutions for everyone’s minor woes, in the form of littleexercises or intensive training.
But more thananythingelse, the chicks’ crazy attempts to direct operations will help us to understandthat the onlyway to love ourselvesis to acceptourselves for whowe are, with all ourimperfections!

Authors : By Bruller, Ravier and Tébo, from the comic « Psicopattes »
Format : 78X7’
Production date : 2019
Broadcaster : France 3
Producer : 2 Minutes
Directors : Nicolas BLARD, Richard DANTO et Josselin RONSE
Category : TV Series
Technical specifications : 2D
Audience : Kids