Petronella Applewitch


How strange… The apples on the tree over there have red and green stripes! And this rope ladder hanging from a branch is just as unusual: Climbing up makes you shrink with every rung. By the time you reach the top, you are the size of a plum. And the apple, now dangling right in front of you, has two windows and a lovely front door made of apple tree wood.

This apple house is home to the heroine of our stories: PETRON- ELLA APPLEWITCH. The garden in which the apple tree stands belongs to the little witch. Here, everything grows lush and green, because Petronella encourages the plants to spread out and grow as much as they want. If one of them falls sick, the apple witch conjures up a remedy with tinctures and ointments – or simply waves her magic wand. The flowers thank their guardian with long, vibrant blooms, and the fruits in the trees are more abundant and delicious than anywhere else.

Authors : Heike Sperling & Jan Strathmann, from the comic by Städing and Sabine Büchner
Format : 39×11′
Production date : 2019
Broadcaster : ZDF
Producer : Akkord Film
Executive Producers : SERU Film / 2 Minutes
Director : Emilie Rimetz
Catégory : TV Series
Technical specifications : 2D
Audience : Kids