Nice, not nice


Zaza the panther, JJ the beaver, Toto the seagull, Kiki the sheep, Nono the crocodile, Lulu the owl, Bibi the bear, Jojo the rabbit, Lili the pig and Wawa the Chihuahua are all children.They are neither beautiful nor ugly, neither good nor bad, neither stupid nor super smart. They’re just kids. And like all children, without even realising it, they’re full of prejudices.

Authors : Franck SALOMÉ, Nicolas SEDEL & Fernando WORCEL and Sandrine ACQUISTAPACE
Format : 16×1’35”
Production date : 2021
Broadcasters : Canal +, Canal J, Disney Channel, France Télévisions, Gulli, M6, Nickelodeon Junior, TF1, Tiji, Bayam.
Producer : 2 Minutes
Coproducer : Gaumont
Directors : Franck SALOMÉ, Nicolas SEDEL & Fernando WORCEL
Category : TV series
Technical specifications : 2D
Audience : Kids