1863, in the midst of a convoy heading West on its way to a better life, Martha Jane’s father gets hurt. It is she therefore who must drive the family wagon and take care of the horses. Learning is tough and yet Martha Jane has never felt so free. And since it’s more practical for riding horses, she doesn’t hesitate to slip into trousers.
But this is all too bold for Abraham, the leader of the convoy. Accused of theft, Martha has to run away. Dressed as a boy, searching for the evidence of her innocence, she discovers a world undergoing change where her original personality will assert itself. An adventure full of dangers and rich in encounters that will, step by step, reveal the mythical Calamity Jane.

Authors : Rémi Chayé, Sandra Tosello and Fabrice de Costil
Format : 80’
Production date : 2018
Distributor : GEBEKA
Broadcasters : Canal +, Ciné +, France 3
Producers : Maybe Movies, Nørlum, 2 Minutes and France 3 Cinéma
Director : Remi Chayé
Category : Feature Film
Technical specifications : 2D /3D
Audience : Family