Sam Spoiler


Sam Spoiler is a young actor who dreams of becoming a movie star. He auditions for all the biggest films, including Lord of the Blings, Tarzam of the Jungle and the Sheriff of Burrito City. But due to over-enthusiasm, bad luck or clumsiness, he always spoils the scene and messes everything up.

Authors : Sébastien Lurcel, Fabrice Ziolkowski
Format : 20×1’15’’
Production date : 2009
Broadcaster : Canal J
Producer : Studio Brocéliande
Director : Josselin Ronse
Category : Série TV
Technical specifications : 2D
Audience : Kids

Logo Sam Spoiler - Dessin animée enfants - Co produit par 2 minutes
Sam Spoiler décors, animatique, animation, compositing, montage par 2 minutes