Cajou is a little mischievous tiger who lives in the jungle, surrounded by his family and friends. Curious about everything, Cajou sets off on adventures, during which he makes fun and exciting discoveries. Often accompanied by his little sister, Paille, Cajou can also count on his many friends, including Chapati the panther, Bobo the koala, and Balafon the monkey.

Author : Didier Levy from the book by Didier Levy
Format : 52×7′
Production date : 2008
Broadcaster : Disney
Producers : Pipangaï / Les Armateurs
Director : Stéphane Lezoray
Category : TV series
Technical specifications : 2D
Audience : Preschool

Logo Cajou - Animation 2D - Studio 2 minutes
Cajou - Série animée preschool - Builds, décors, animatique, animation, montage par 2 minutes