Totally Spies


Students in their everyday lives, Alex, Clover and Sam are really secret agents, meaning professional spies working for WOOHP, a secret organisation. When their boss Jerry needs their services, he sends them on a top-secret mission. Dressed in their spy suits and armed with every kind of gadget, they are now ready to save mankind.

Authors : Vincent Chalvon Demersay, David Michel
Format : 6×26′
Production date : 2003
Broadcaster : TF1
Producers : Marathon / TF1 / Fox Family Channel / Fox Kids Europ
Director : Stéphane Berry
Category : Série TV
Technical specifications : 2D
Audience : Kids

Logo Totally Spies - Film animée - Diffuseur Mars Distribution - Compositing 2 Minutes
Totally Spies - Série TV enfant - Compositing 2 minutes