The character of rain


Amélie, a 2-and-a-half-year-old Belgian girl born in Japan, thinks she is God. From her wide awake and acerbic point of view,she believes she can make plants grow in the garden, or cross the sea by foot.
She thinks she’s at the center of everything and she has only one goal : to convert the world to her cult. Unfortunately, AlmightyAmélie’s power seems limited to her nanny, Nishio-san.
Between her family who treats her like any other child and a housekeeper who divinizes her, the choice is clear: Amélie will be Japanese. But her world will fall apart at the age of 3, when she learns that she will have to leave Japan eventually.

Authors : Aude PY, Liane-Cho HAN, adapted from the novel by Amélie NOTHOMB published by edition Albin Michel
Format : 2’35”
Production date : 2021
Producers : Maybe Movies, Ikki Films, 2 Minutes, 12//24
Directors : Liane-Cho HAN
Category : Pilote de long-métrage
Technic specifications : 2D
Audience : Family