Parker & Badger


Parker is a lazy young adult who rides around on a scooter and is only interested in video games, food and taking naps. He lives with his friend Badger, a cultivated and industrious anthropomorphic badger. In order to pay the rent each month to Mr. Garcia, their irascible landlord, they regularly have to go out and find work.

Authors : Cuadrado from the comic strip by Cuadrado
Format : 52×1′
Broadcaster : Canal J
Producers : Dupuis Audiovisuel / Canal J
Director : Moran Caouissin
Category : TV series
Technical specifications : 2D
Audience : Kids

Logo Parker et Badger - Série animée 2D - Animation, compositing, montage par 2 minutes
Parker & Badger - Série animée 2D - Diffuseur CANAL J - Studio 2 minutes