Bricks and Brats


Join these 3 hoodlums from the suburbs in a series of adventures, each crazier than the last. First there’s Jygo, beneath whose intimidating and imposing exterior lurks a heart of marshmallow. Then Chatup, a serious swindler who’s never at a loss for words. And finally Scotch, a little guy with a winning smile. Action stations! The city is in turmoil: this little trio will turn the adults’ world upside down…

Author : Bernard Betremieux
Format : 39×7′
Production date : 2002
Broadcaster : France 2
Producers : B Productions / Carrère / France 2
Directors : Augusto Zanovello, Bernard Betremieux
Category : TV series
Technical specifications : 2D
Audience : Teens

Logo Durs du mur - Série animée 2D - Animation, compositing par 2 minutes
Durs du mur - Diffuseur FRANCE 2 - Animation, compositing Studio animation 2 minutes