Tom-Tom et Nana


Tom-Tom and Nana divide their time between school and their parents’ restaurant, ‘A la bonne fourchette’, which is where they make their biggest blunders. Between upsetting plates, overfilling carafes and skiing down the stairs, they put their parents through the mill – and the customers too, regulars or not.

Authors : Jacqueline Cohen, Evelyne Reberg from the comic strip by Jacqueline Cohen et Bernadette Després
Format : 52X26′
Production date : 2005
Broadcaster : France 3
Producers : Jufox / France 3 / Bayard Presse
Director : Eric Bastier
Category : Série TV
Technical specifications : 2D
Audience : Kids

LogoTom-Tom & Nana - Diffuseur FRANCE 3 - Décors, animation, compositing par 2 MINUTES
Tom-Tom & Nana - Dessin animée 2D - Studio d animation 2 minutes