The Fridge


Foodstuffs have private lives too! Imagine a large family, forced to live together in the same house, with all the attendant problems: community life, the cramped conditions within the refrigerator, not to mention the smells… Bono, a loud-mouthed and charismatic strawberry yoghurt, is in charge of handling the crises and diffusing the anarchy that often threatens to break out!

Author : Romain Gadiou
Format : 26×5′
Production date : 2014
Broadcaster : Canal +
Producer : 2 Minutes
Directors : Romain Gadiou, Sébastien Tiquet
Category : TV series
Technical specifications : Mixed and 2D
Audience : Teens

Le Frigo - Scripts, designs, builds, storyboards, animatiques, décors, animation, compositing, montage par 2 minutes