Memories of Nanette


Margaret is almost 9 years old when she is taken to live with her grandparents and her aunt Susan. Her mother will come back soon, when things are easier with her father. It’s going to take some strength of character to put up with life on the farm, which is a far cry from the image depicted in her children’s books. Life is tough, but Margaret will find her place, as well as having fun and meeting people who will change her life forever.

Author : Romain Gadiou, Chloé Sastre from the comic strip by Nob
Format : 52×13′
Production date : 2016
Broadcaster : M6
Producer : 2 Minutes
Directors : Nob, Sébastien Tiquet
Category : TV series
Technical specifications : 2D
Audience : Kids

Les souvenirs de Mamette - Dessin animée 2D - Producteur studio 2 Minutes