As soon as it closes, a Japanese restaurant turns into fantastic mini Japan. The Kobushis, a community made up of Makis, Temakis and of course Sushis, have founded a village there. In true samurai fashion, they bravely defend themselves against the terrible Neko, a porcelain cat. Bringing the restaurant luck by day, by night, it is a terrible predator, constantly plotting and scheming to eat all the Kobushis…

Author : Sébastien Tibodo
Format : 104×7′
Production date : 2013
Broadcaster : Gulli
Producers : Zagtoon / Inspidea / 2Minutes
Director : Toni Garcia
Category : TV series
Technical specifications : Mixed
Audience : Kids

Logo Kobushi - Série animé diffusée sur Gulli - Animation par 2 minutes