Atomic Betty


Betty is a clever young earthling, who loves school and science fiction. But she is also leading a secret double life under the name of Atomic Betty and is one of the stars of the Galactic Guardians. A fearless fighter, she is accompanied by her friends Sparky, an extraterrestrial joker, and X-5, a robot with no sense of humour but particularly effective in combat.

Author : Mauro Cazales
Format : 26×13′
Production date : 2004
Broadcaster : M6
Producers : Teleimages Kids / Atomic Cartoon / Breakthrough / M6
Director : Mauro Cazales
Category : TV series
Technical specifications : 2D
Audience : Kids

Logo Atomic betty - Série animée 2D - Studio animation PARIS : 2 minutes
Atomic betty - Dessin animée 2D - Designs, animation, compositing par 2 minutes