While carrying out a census of the planets of our galaxy at the edge of the universe, Lil’astronaute is forced to make a crash landing on a small peanut-shaped planet, Minos. Fortunately, Lako and Boulga, the Minosians who saw – and adored – the crash, spontaneously offer to help Lil’astronauteresume his intergalactic mission. First, because it could be very funny! And then because Lil’astronaute becomes their friend.

Authors : Olivier Dutto, Benjamin Ferre, Bertrand Veyne from the comic strip by Ferre & Dutto
Format : 52×7′
Production date : 2012
Broadcaster : M6
Producers : 2 Minutes / Cross River
Director : Yannick Zanchetta
Category : TV series
Technical specifications : 2D
Audience : Kids

Ptit Cosmonaute - Dessin animée - Studio d'animation 2 minutes
Ptit Cosmonaute - Dessin animée pour enfant - Co production 2 minutes